West Virginia must put more money into public education at all levels.  More

The Opioid Crisis:

 The Legislature has refused to recognize the seriously debilitating effect of the opioid crisis on West Virginia.

Health Care in General:

The health care of West Virginians is seriously endangered by the current Legislature! 

Environmental Protection:

Our rivers and their tributaries are in serious danger of more pollution, resulting from laws passed by the Legislature in the last two years and by the overly lax approach to environmental oversight by the administration of Governor Jim Justice.


West Virginia must stop relying on industries of the past, such as coal and natural gas, and  begin to develop its full potential as the playground of the Mid-Atlantic and the Ohio Valley. 


We need to guarantee a healthy and viable year-round horse racing industry, and to promote farm wineries, in Jefferson County. 

The MARC Train:

Contrary to claims made by his opponent, the first West Virginia state subsidy for the MARC train was in a bill, passed by the Legislature many years ago, sponsored by John Doyle and several other legislators from Jefferson and Berkeley counties.

Fiscal Responsibility:

The last four years, with a Republican-led Legislature, have seen West Virginia’s fiscal condition deteriorate. 

Future Fund:

   The Legislature created a “future fund” several years ago, but has failed to put a penny into it. 


  John Doyle advocates doubling the severance tax on natural gas as a way to fund PEIA, an immediate additional 5% pay raise for teachers and other public employees, free college tuition for the first two years, opioid treatment programs, the MARC train, increased tourism promotion, a future fund and other necessary endeavors.