From the February 27, 2019 Spirit of Jefferson

When last I reported to you in the Spirit, the State Senate had created what it called an “omnibus education bill.” Much has transpired in the intervening weeks.
The bill that originated in the Senate Education Committee included a pay raise for teachers and school service workers, but also provisions for charter schools and what are called “education savings accounts” (ESAs, a version of vouchers). Also included was a provision removing seniority as a major consideration for promotion, transfers and layoffs. And the Senate included language punishing employees who walked off the job to protest against what they consider low pay or bad working conditions.
Furthermore, this bill contained a requirement that any teachers or school service workers who wanted their pay for union dues deducted from their paychecks had to sign up for it each year. And the bill had a strange provision called a “non-severability” clause. Speculation is that the Senate wanted to make sure that if the courts struck down any provision of the bill, the pay raise would die. On occasion I’ve seen a “severability” clause in a bill that contained one or more ideas whose constitutionality had not yet been tested in the courts. But this is the first “non-severability” clause I’ve seen in my 23 years in the Legislature…..

  • John Doyle has worked to get our teachers, school service workers and state employees even bigger raises. The WVEA, the AFT, the WVSSP and the state employees associations have all endorsed John Doyle.
  • John Doyle has worked to find a stable, reliable and permanent funding source for the public employees health care plan (PEIA). He’ll work to get more and better treatments for opioid addiction and to craft an intelligent response to the COVID crisis.
  • John Doyle has also worked for a funding formula for that is fair to Shepherd University, and for affordable education for all.
  • John Doyle led the successful fight to force the state to allow Shepherd University to offer graduate courses.