John Doyle has been a fighter for civil rights and civil liberties since he was first elected to the Legislature. He’s been a sponsor of the Fairness Act, which will outlaw discrimination against LGBTQ and disabled people in housing and employment. And he’s sponsored a bill to add crimes against LGBTQ and the disabled to West Virginia’s Hate Crimes Law.


John sponsored a bill to create a civilian review board for the state police and similar boards for local police departments. But John opposes ideas to “defund” the police. He says “Heck, I want to give the police MORE money, not less, and put that money into salaries for officers on the beat.” John knows that most police officers are good people, but that there are indeed a few “bad apples.” John thinks higher salaries will eliminate most of those “bad apples,” because more good people will decide to go into police work for a career. He does believe that more money should be put into having counselors and social workers more readily available to the police. But the money for that doesn’t need to come from the budgets of police departments. And he believes that police training needs to be revamped to include more psychological and social training.